13D, Cámara Nokia OZO + Software Creator3D camera, (VR) Nokia OZO + Software CreatorCámara + Batería DC01+ 1x 500GB MM01 + DS01 + CreatorCamera + 1x DC01 + 1x 500GB MM01 + DS01 + CreatorExcelenteExcellent7.800 €
23D, Monitor Sony LMD-2451TD (2D y 3D)3D monitor, Sony LMD-2451TD (2D & 3D)Monitor LCD 24" + StandLCD 24" Monitor + StandMuy buenoVery good990 €No
33D, Monitor Transvideo HD12 View Evolution (2D y 3D)3D monitor, Transvideo HD12 View Evolution (2D & 3D)Monitor LCD 12"LCD 12" MonitorMuy buenoVery good495 €
43D, Procesador 3D Stereobrain SB1 (OBS version)3D processor, Stereobrain SB1 (OBS version)Procesador 3D (powered by OBS) + Alimentación3D Processor (powered by OBS) + Power supplyMuy buenoVery good1.890 €No
53D, Procesador Aja Hi5-3D3D processor, Aja Hi5-3DMultiplexor + AlimentaciónMultiplexor + Power supplyMuy buenoVery good180 €
63D, Rig P+S Technik Free Style Evolution (Pack)3D rig, P+S Technik Free Style Evolution (Pack)Rig Over-UnderOver-Under rigCasi nuevoAlmost new9.640 €
73D, Rig P+S Technik Standard3D rig, P+S Technik StandardRig Over-UnderOver-Under rigCasi nuevoAlmost new2.900 €No
83D, Rig Stereotech Maxim3D rig, Stereotech MaximRig Side-By-SideSide-By-Side rigCasi nuevoAlmost new975 €
9Accesorio cámara, Adaptador SONY XDCA FS7Camera accessory, Sony XDCA-FS7 adapterAdaptador XDCA FS7 + Flight caseXDCA FS7 + Flight caseMuy buenoVery good1.150 €
10Accesorio cámara, Control remoto "mini CCU" Sony RM B-750Camera accessory, Sony RM B-750 remote controlControl remoto + Cable 5mRemote control + 5m cableMuy buenoVery good1.190 €

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