13D Rig P+S Technik Free Style Evolution (Pack)3D Rig P+S Technik Free Style Evolution (Pack)Rig completoFull version rigMuy buenoVery goodPreguntarY
23D Rig P+S Technik Standard3D Rig P+S Technik StandardRig Over-UnderOver-Under rigCasi nuevoAlmost newAskY
33D Rig Stereotech Maxim3D Rig Stereotech MaximRig Side-By-SideSide-By-Side rigCasi nuevoAlmost newMake an offerY
4Audio, Adaptador audio BeachtekAudio, adapter Beachtek--Muy buenoVery good185€Y
5Audio, Auriculares Sennheiser PXC 450Audio, Headphones Sennheiser PXC 450Auriculares + BolsaHeadphones + BagCasi nuevoAlmost new80€Y
6Audio, Codificador AEQ MPAC-02Audio, Codec AEQ MPAC-02Audiocodificador + CargadorAudiocodec + Power supplyMuy buenoVery goodMake an offerN
7Audio, Codificador AEQ SwingAudio, Codec AEQ SwingAudiocodificador + CargadorAudiocodec + Power supplyMuy buenoVery goodMake an offerN
8Audio, Distribuidor Kramer VM-1110XLAudio distributor, Kramer VM-1110XLDistribuidor + FlightcaseDistributor + FlightcaseBuenoGoodMake an offerN
9Audio, IEM Sennheiser SR300 IEM G3Audio, IEM Sennheiser SR300 IEM G3Transmisor SK 300G3 + 4x Receptores EK 300G3 + AlimentadorTransmitter SK 300G3 + 4x Receiver EK 300G3 + Power supplyBuenoGood690€Y
10Audio, Interface audio AD/DA convertidor Yamaha AD/DA MY8-ADDA96Audio, AD/DA converter card, Yamaha AD/DA MY8-ADDA96Para mezcladores audio YamahaFor Yamaha audio mixersExcelenteExcellent290€Y

OBS Flight Case*: The full amount of these sales must be made by donation to an NGO. Donations do not generate an invoices or bear VAT.

Red row equipment: Up to 12 months financing available, ask us for more information.

The company reserves the right to change or cancel their offers without prior notice. / OVIDE only sells its own equipment. / V.A.T. is not included in the prices. / The purchase of this equipment does not imply a service of replacement or compensation in case of a breakdown.