Second hand

1HP82 + RF82Audio, Tascam HS P82 recorder + RC F82Recorder + RC F82 mixer + BagVery good890
2Audio, ART MX 622 mixer19" mixer rackAlmost new110
3Audio, ART MX 822 mixer19" mixer rackAlmost new120
4H281Audio, Sennheiser HDM 281-13 Pro headset intercomHeadset (XLR 5)Very good120
5H2NLAudio, Sennheiser HSP 2 head-worn microphoneBlack (Lemo3)Very good95
64071Audio, DPA SC 4071BM microphoneMicrophone (Lemo 3) + Croc clip + WindshieldGood190
7SP2G + EK2GAudio, Sennheiser SK/EK 2000 (TX + RX) wireless microphoneSK-2000 transmitter + EK 2000 receiverGood525
9MD46Audio, Sennheiser MD46 microphoneMicrophone + Black or white square microphone flagGood95
10104LAudio, Sennheiser ME104 microphoneME 104 Microphone (Lemo 3) + KA100P + ClipGood110
12Audio, Fostex RM3 19" audio monitor-Very good230
13JEONAudio, JBL Eon PW15 speakerSpeaker + BagGood185
14RWS1Audio, Rycote WS1 windshield-Good260
15DJA2Camera (mini), DJI Action 2 dual-screen-Almost new130
16GP9BCamera (mini), GoPro Hero9 Black EditionCamera + Standard accesories + 2x BatteriesVery good220
17C226Camera (mini), Marshall CV226-Almost new170
18AXLFCamera, Arri Alexa LF (bundle)Camera + EVF2 + PL/LPL + WVR1 + BP12 + Internal filters + EV-PLUS-LFVery good19.500
20C502Camera, Canon C500 MKII PLCamera + EVF50 + BP A30 battery + 2x BP A60 Batteries + CG A10 ChargerGood6.900
21Camera, Canon G12Camera + Charger + 2x Batteries + Canon cover + Wide angle adapterVery good170
22HLM8Camera, Red DSMC2 Helium 8K S35 + Arri KitCamera + EV OLED + Production Module + LCD 7" Pro Touch + Arri Pro Cine Set 19Very good11.870
23Camera RED DSMC2 Monstro 8K VVCamera + EVF OLED DMSC2 + 7" Monitor Pro + PL mount + Production Module + 2x Red Minimag 440GB + ReaderVery good21.770
24VR8VCámara RED DSMC3 V-Raptor 8K VVCamera + EVF Kamaleon Pro + 7" DSMC3 monitor + RF-PL + 3x CFxpress Pro 6660GB + Red ReaderVery good18.700
25RK6KCamera Red Komodo 6K S36Cámara + PL mount + Handle + Wing Grip + Wooden B-box + 2x Canon BP 958 batteries + ChargerVery good4.450
26FS72Camera, Sony PXW FS7 IICamera + Sony EVF + 2x BP U30 batteries + 2x XQD 128GB + ReaderGood2.525
27FS72Camera, Sony PXW FS7 II + Sony E 18-110mm F4 OSSCamera + Sony EVF + 2x BP U30 batteries + 2x XQD 128GB + ReaderGood3.925
28SFX6Camera, Sony PXW FX6Camera + Sony EVF + 2x BP U30 batteries + ChargerVery good4.110
29SFX6Camera, Sony PXW FX6 + Sony E 18-110mm F4 OSSCamera + Sony EVF + 2x BP U30 batteries + ChargerVery good5.500
30SVNCCamera, Sony Venice (Bundle)Camera body + Sony DVF EL200 + R7 Recorder + 2x AXS M 512MB + AXS R1 ReaderVery good33.800
31SVNCCamera, Sony Venice + Rialto (Bundle)Camera body + Sony DVF EL200 + R7 Recorder + 2x AXS M 512MB + AXS R1 ReaderVery good41.300
32CLALCart, Lince Crane 120Cart + Mitchell base sopport + Tripod supportAlmost new750
33WBS2Comunications, Altair WBS 202HD intercom (Bundle)WBS 202HD Station + Charger + 4x WBP 212HD + 2x WBP 210HD + 6x HMD-281PRO HeadsetsVery good3.250
34MS23Comunications, Clear-Com MS-232 main station-Good800
35RS61Comunications, Clear-Com RS-601 belt pack9x RS 601 Belt packs + 9x 25m XLR3 + Sennheiser HMD 281PRO HeadsetsGood1.490
36RCU4Remote control, Arri RCU-4-Almost new640
37RCV1Remote control, Canon RC V100For Canon C300, C500, C100 and C200 camerasAlmost new440
38TC80Remote control, Canon TC-80N3For Canon EOS camerasVery good40
39BMWPConverter, Blackmagic Web Presenter-Very good260
40Filter, 10x Tiffen filters of your choice4x4"Good450
41Filter, 20x Tiffen filters of your choice4x4"Good780
424AT6Filter, Tiffen Attenuator 0.64x4"Good60
430FLBFilter, Tiffen FLB4x4"Good65
444GD1Filter, Tiffen Gold Diffusion 14x4"Good45
454HD1Filter, Tiffen HDTV 14x4"Good65
46HM44Filter, Tiffen Hot Mirror (IR cut)4x4"Good65
474LLDFilter, Tiffen LLD4x4"Good65
48Filters, Schneider Digicon 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 24x4"Good240
49Filters, Tiffen 105mm HM/IR Total Neutral 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2, 1.5105mmVery good760
50Filters, Tiffen 80A, 80C4x4"Good130
51Filters, Tiffen 81EF, 81EF/N3, 81EF/N6, 81EF/N94x4"Good240
52Filters, Tiffen 85A, 85B, 85C, 85/N3, 85/N6, 85/N94x4"Good360
53Filters, Tiffen Blue 4, 54x4"Good90
54Filters, Tiffen Gradient Blue Soft 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & Hard 14x4"Good300
55Filters, Tiffen Gradient Coral 1, 2, 34x4"Good160
56Filters, Tiffen Gradient Neutral Hard 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.24x4"Good240
57DN9SFilters, Tiffen Gradient Neutral Soft 0.94x4"Good180
58Filters, Tiffen Gradient Sunset Soft 1, 2, 34x4"Good150
59Filters, Tiffen Gradient Tobacco 1, 2, 34x4"Good150
60Filters, Tiffen Enhancing & Clear4x4"Good100
61Filters, Tiffen Haze 1, 2A4x4"Good120
62Filters, Tiffen Low Contrast 1/4, 1/24x4"Good120
63Filters, Tiffen Sepia 1, 24x4"Good120
64Filters, Tiffen Ultra Contrast 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 & Soft C. 14x4"Good190
65FLC3Cover (rain), Porta Brace for Canon C300 or C500 camera-Veri good90
66FLAMCover (rain), Porta Brace for Arri Amira camera-Veri good110
67KIPRRecorder, AJA KiproKipro + 500GB HDGood200
68DDLDLighting, Dedolight-LED Felloni/Tecpro 1x12x bicolour LED panels + Power supply + Tenda bagMuy bueno630
69KBCVLighting, Kamerar BrightCast Variable 15-345 Flexible LED (Bundle)2x bicolour LED panels + Power supply + "V" battery adapter + BagGood490
70KBCVLighting, Kamerar BrightCast Variable 15-345 Flexible LEDBicolour LED panel + Power supply + "V" battery adapter + BagGood270
71L62BLighting, Laysion 2′ LED60cm bicolour LED light + HandleVery good100
72Printer, Wanhao Duplicator 3DPrinter + Some spare parts + 19" rackVery good490
73RH10Interface, AJA RH10MD converterDC + DA + DecoderVery good80
741811Interface, Lynx CDH 1811 converterHDSDI to HDMIVery good80
75AU2SInterface, Blackmagic to SDI embedder-Good80
76H1AMInterface, AJA HD10AM embedder/disembedder-Good110
77DVIXInterface, Blackmagic DVI extenderConverter + Power supplyExcellent80
780FR1Interface, AJA 1RU rackmount frame + Kona4Frame 1RU + Kona3 cardGood210
79MDQDInterface, AJA GEN 1 sync generator-Good230
80SH44Interface, Blackmagic SDI-HDMI 4KConverter + Power supplyGood150
81SD2AInterface, Blackmagic SDI-AnalogConverter + Power supplyGood70
82BUDCInterface, Blackmagic UpDown CrossConverter + Power supplyGood80
83ANHDInterface, Blackmagic Analog-SDIConverter + Power supplyGood80
84CXSXMedia, Arri Codex XR to SxS adapter for Alexa XT/XR-Very good210
85WBS3Media, Stardom SohoRaid SR4USB3.0 / FireWire 800 / eSATA drive storageVery good180
86SR4TMedia, Stardom SohoRaid SR4 TB2 Thunderbolt 2Raid Stardom SohoRaid SR4-TB2 Thunderbolt 2Good330
87ST23Media, Stardom SohoTank T2USB3.0 / eSATAVery good80
89CX51Media, Arri Codex XR 512GB capture drive512GB Codex XRGood675
90XP25Media, Panasonic Express P2 256GB card + AU-XPD1 USB 3.0 (Bundle)3x 256GB Express P2 + ReaderVery good900
91CT60Media, Sandisk CFast 60GB Extreme Pro3x 60GB CFast 450MB/sGood120
9212T3Monitor, Transvideo HD12" View Evolution2D & 3D 12" LCD monitorVery good250
93FO5HMonitor, SmallHD Focus Oled 5.5" HDMIMonitor + Tilt arm + Adapter cableVery good215
951634Lens, Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8L II USMEF mount lensVery good590
961634Lens, Canon EF 16-35mm f4 IS USMEF mount lensVery good345
971634Lens, Canon EF 25-105mm f4 IS USMEF mount lensVery good575
981634Lens, Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L II USMEF mount lensVery good980
997022Lens, Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8 L IS II USMEF mount lensGood990
100OC28Lens, Fujinon 1/3" 2.8mmC mount lensGood90
101185ELens, Fujinon MK 18-55mmE mount lensVery good2.450
102185E + 513ELenses, Fujinon MK 50-135 & 18-55mm (Bundle)E mount lensVery good4.250
103513ELens, Fujinon MK 50-135mmE mount lensVery good4.770
1048110Lens, Sony EPZ 18-110mm f4 G OSSE mount lensVery good1.780
105PK0008Lenses, Arri-Zeiss (Bundle)PL-mount prime lenses set: 16, 24, 32, 40, 50 & 85mmGood38.700

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Arri Alexa LF camera

Arri Alexa Mini LF camera

Blackmagic Web Presenter

Dedolight Felloni/Tecpro 1’x1′ Bicolor light

GoPro Hero9 Black minicamera

Kamerar BrightCast Variable 15-345 flexible LED panel

Laysion LED with handle 2′ (60cm)

Lince Cart 120x55cm (22×48″)

P+S Technik Freestyle Evolution (mirror) 3D rig

Porta Brace rain cover for Canon C300/C500

Red DSMC2 Gemini 5K S35 camera

Red DSMC2 Helium 8K S35 camera

Red Komodo 6K camera

SmallHD FOCUS OLED 5.5 monitor

Stardom SohoRaid SR4 storage – USB3.0/FireWire 800/eSATA

Stardom SohoRaid SR4-TB2 Thunderbolt 2 storage

Stardom SohoTank ST2-SB3 storage

Canon CN-E 30-105 T2.8 lens

Canon EF 16-35mm f4 IS USM lens

Fujinon MK E 50-135 T2.9 lens

Sony E 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 lens

Canon EF 17-40 f4 still lens

Sony E 18-110mm F4 OSS lens

Arri/Zeiss Ultraprime T1.9 6-lens set