Second hand

1PSFS3D, Rig P+S Technik Freestyle Evolution3D rig, P+S Technik Freestyle EvolutionRig Over-Under + Caja PelicanOver-Under rig + Pelican caseBuenoGood9.640 €
2PSST3D, Rig P+S Technik Standard3D rig, P+S Technik StandardRig Over-Under + Caja PelicanOver-Under rig + Pelican caseBuenoGood5.600 €Si
33DMX3D, Rig Stereotech Maxim3D rig, Stereotech MaximRig Side-By-SideSide-By-Side rigBuenoGood1.140 €
4A203Audio, Antena Sennheiser A 2003Audio antenna, Sennheiser A 2003450-960Mhz450-960MhzMuy buenoVery good135 €
5SWNGAudio, Audiocodec AEQ SwingAudio audiocodec, AEQ SwingAudiocodificador + CargadorAudiocodec + Power supplyMuy buenoVery good120 €No
6AB2DAudio, Booster Sennheiser AB 2DAudio booster, Sennheiser AB 2D786-822Mhz786-822MhzMuy buenoVery good95 €
7AB37Audio, Booster Sennheiser AB 3700Audio booster, Sennheiser AB 3700470-866Mhz470-866MhzMuy buenoVery good150 €
8AB3AAudio, Booster Sennheiser AB 3AAudio booster, Sennheiser AB 2D516-518Mhz516-518MhzMuy buenoVery good95 €
9CAC1Audio, Combinador Sennheiser AC 1Audio splitter, Sennheiser AC 1Combinador + AlimentadorCombiner + Power supplyMuy buenoVery good190 €
10AU2SAudio, Embebedor Blackmagic Audio to SDIAudio embedder, Blackmagic to SDI--BuenoGood90 €No

Nota: Ovide Maudet S.L. reserves the right to modify or cancel its offers, products or service at any time without notice /
Ovide Maudet S.L. trades with its own equipment / The prices do not include additional taxes or fees. / Buying second hand equipment does not imply a replacement or compensation service in case of a break down.