All equipments rented by Ovide, either from their main or local offices or business representatives, are subject to the following contracting regulations:


To withdraw a reserved product from Ovide, all customers or transport contractor will have to identify themselves with their I.D. or passport (no other document will be accepted).

For safety reasons, this document will be scanned and kept with the commercial transaction documentation in accordance with the Spanish Data Protection Law. This documentation will be destroyed after the time stipulated by the LOPD.

For safety reasons, OVIDE reserves the right to geo-localize any provided equipment.


OVIDE is owner of all its rented equipments and does not allow anyone to rent them to a third part.


All our equipments are submitted to rigorous technical and aesthetic controls and tests. Should our broadcast/professional* products fail in Spain or any country belonging to the European Union, OVIDE will do his best to swap them for any other product of the same or superior quality, as quickly as possible and by urgent transport methods. For the rest of the world and due to customs requirements, OVIDE would negotiate renting substitute products from any rental in the city where the equipment failed.

*This insurance does not include equipments considered by OVIDE as NOT BROADCAST or of low cost, as for instance DSRL cameras, POV mini cameras, laptop computers, low cost products such as Blackmagic, Aja, Atomos, etc, nor batteries or (battery chargers) which do not have V-mount or Gold Mount.


All equipments hired will be duly insured starting from the date of the contract. The insurance fee will be of 8% of the total amount of the invoice to ensure in EU countries, and 12% of the total amount of the invoice for any other country.

OVIDE equipments are covered in E.U. countries. To cover this equipments to work outside E.U. countries a specific insurance should be booked for each country.

The contracting part will be allowed to insure the products with any other insurance company as long as: this is done by written mutual agreement between the OVIDE and the Customer and previous to hiring the products. In this case, the following risks should be covered by the Customer’s insurance policy: all risks, replacement value, compensation and indemnity due to immobilization due to whatever cause.

The following risks are excluded from the OVIDE’s insurance policy: wrong use (deliberate or not), negligence, equipments used for filming in risky circumstances, robbery, burglary in spaces without vigilance, damages due to inadequate technical use of the equipments, terrorism acts, war zones, pieces of glass, lenses, mirrors, screens, teleprompters, lights, etc.

Each accident occurred to the equipment or part of it will be penalized by a franchise of 800€ depending on the equipment value and type insurance applied.

Inappropriate manipulation, internal or external, of the equipments are specifically forbidden and excluded from the OVIDE’s Insurance policy.

OVIDE will invoice to the contracting part the amount corresponding to checking the full equipment if it has been manipulated, as well as the amount of the cost of the time it has been immobilized.

VERY IMPORTANT: The use of the OVIDE equipments in Drones or in any kind of UAV is not allowed. Their use in this kind of vehicles will imply the immediate cancelling of the hiring contract by Ovide. Any accident or damage in Drones or UAVs will imply the cancellation of the contracted Insurance Policy as well as a charge of the total value of a new equipment.


The customer may choose two different ways of payment:

· By direct bank transfer, after the opening an account as an Ovide’s Customer (this procedure being subject to Ovide’s Account Department approval)

· Or through a VISA or AMERICAN EXPRESS Credit Card.

Ovide will not accept Debit Cards nor cash payments.


OVIDE recommends his customers to advise with well in advance if the rented equipments are to be needed for longer than expected. OVIDE keeps his rights to deny renewing or extending the time of rental in accordance with availability reasons.


Reservations cancelled or modified within less than 24 hours previous to picking up the equipments will bear a 40% extra charge for the first day: this charge corresponds to equipments immobilization.


The customer must assign one of his technical crew to test and check every rented equipment prior to picking up the goods. The customer will be responsible for this matter. Should this test or checking not be realized by the customer, it will be understood that OVIDE delivers the goods in perfect technical and aesthetical conditions.

OVIDE recommends testing and checking some time before picking up the goods.


The customer will always have to pay for transport costs.


The equipments must be returned to the same office or business representative’s warehouse where the goods were picked up, unless otherwise and previously agreed. Otherwise, a fee will be charged for stock movement.


The goods meant to enter in towns or countries not belonging to the European Union will have to bear the correct documentation for each case. This procedure will have to be negotiated by the customer himself. OVIDE will charge the customer for any delay if the goods are stopped at customs or as a consequence due to any other legal matters due to the of the lack of the correct documentation.


Our prices do not include transportation, taxes nor insurance costs.


We often collaborate in non-profit projects but every day we receive more of this kind of submissions. We look into each submission and we select the ones more related to our company values.

Please, consider these aspects before submitting your collaboration request:
· OVIDE only collaborates with social and humanitarian purposes non-profit projects. All other collaboration request will be automatically dismissed.
· OVIDE only collaborates loaning their equipments for free and for a limited period.
· You must provide all the project information to evaluate it.
· You must provide a certificate to authenticate the social and humanitarian purposes of the organization and the project.
· The provided equipment will be balanced with the project magnitude: OVIDE will not provide unreasonable equipments for the project as we believe is illogical to shoot social/humanitarian projects with pricey equipments.
· The equipment must be operated by experienced and qualified technical staff.

For collaboration requests please write an e-mail to