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How to make your first rental

Payment terms

We offer two different ways to pay the products we offer for renting:

A. Through a direct bank debit after opening an account with us as client.

B. Prepayment, only VISA or American Express credit card. We do not accept debitcards nor payments in cash.

Opening an account


2. The fields can be filled out from Acrobat Reader or printing it and filling it out inhand-writing (capital letters, please).

3. Sign it and put your firm stamp.

4. Scan the acount opening, the General Manager or Financial Director's I.D. and your firm I.D.

5. Email the three files to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or fax them to +34 902 15 15 28.


Picking up the equipments

IMPRORTANT: The person who will pick up the equipments will be required to present his I.D. or Passport to be scanned or photocopied.

This information will be automatically erased after returning the products since our firm isunder the L.O.P.D. regulations.


To make a booking, you will be requested to give us some information regarding the production:

Production name

Director name

DoP name

How many days will take the filming

Day the products will be picked up and day they will be returned