1. General aspects

Ovide Maudet S.L. (from now on, Ovide) is a Spanish company registered in the Registro Mercantil de Barcelona with the company registration number B-60373537 with  tax residence as Eduard Maristany 396, 08918, Badalona (Spain).

When using this website Ovide collects and process your personal information. Protection and confidentiality of this information is very important.

This Privacy Policy explains the profess of your personal information, the implied data categories in this process activities and their aim and legal basis.

In this Privacy Policy Ovide informs also your rights on your data process.


2. Privacy Policy implementation general declaration

This Privacy Policy applies to Ovide’s collection, usage and processing of your personal information.

Each time you use our services, either as customer or potential customer, Ovide collects, uses and processes your personal information. This includes any time you use Ovide’s website, other services or you communicate with Ovide through phone, e-mails, social media or other similar media.

Ovide is responsible of the data processing control, which means Ovide is responsible on determining the purpose of all this data collection and process as well as the data protection legislation compliance.

You can find our address and contact information at the beginning of this Privacy Policy.


3. Personal information precessing

3.1 Introduction

This Privacy Policy explains how Ovide collects and uses your personal information when you use any of our services or or interact wit us.

The information you give us when you request any kind of information concerning Ovide will be saved for up to 10 years, up it is not needed to defend ad protect Ovide’s interests.

3.2 Quotation request

When you request a quotation Ovide asks you for information such as your name and surnames, telephone number and e-mail. Depending on the specifics of the request some more information will be required such as Business Name, registration number, tax residence, personal I.D. or passport…

Ovide will use your name and contact information to get you update about the request.

By requesting Ovide any kind of information and contacting us you agree to the our Privacy Policy.

3.3 Client account

A client account improves and simplifies all booking process. It will also let us send you relevant information through Ovide’s website, or your postal mail or e-mail or other media.

You have your rights to not provide Ovide with your personal information and you can request deletion of your data sending us an e-mail to or calling to +34 93 247 00 00. You can read more about your rights on section 6.


4. Personal information disclosure

Ovide does not sell personal information with commercial purposes.

Ovide will only disclose your personal information to protect and defend us (this includes the Terms and Conditions applied) or to public authorities or governments when the law, a legal process requires.

If you chose to not give us your personal information you right consider Ovide will not provide the service required.


5. Cookies and similar technologies

Some information is collected through some automated tools such as “cookies” when using Ovide’s website.

Cookie are tiny text archives that are saved on your device when you visit any website. When you visit a website for first time, a cookies archive is sent to your device to identify your browser.

Ovide improves their website functionality due to cookies. Cookies decrease downloading time and improves user experience. Cookies collect information such as website usage and user navigation to provide the webmaster useful information to improve user experience and improve Ovide’s services.

Ovide also uses cookies during identification processes, this way you don’t need to provide your credentials each time you use Ovide’s website.

This cookies are strictly necessary for a correct website performance.

You can configure your browser to avoid cookies the access to your device.

Ovide also uses cookies for commercial purposes such as inform you of the most relevant information and customized offers, and then, measure the effectivity of our commercials.

This Privacy Policy governs the way Ovide uses the information and when we link it to your personal data.

You can configure the privacy of your device allowing or denying on sharing your location, cookies management and other related technologies. Each browser and device will have instructions to configure this adjustments.


6. Your rights

You have the right to request access, get a copy, modification, restriction or elimination of the personal data we have of you. Please, request it to or calling to +34 93 247 00 00.

You have the right to oppose to your data processing except for some situations such as the obligation to disclosure your data by law or in case Ovide needs your personal data to fulfill legal or contractual commitments.


7. Privacy Policy modifications and amendments

It is possible that occasionally update of modify this Privacy Policy without prior notice. Ovide suggests you to review the last version.

If you do not agree with any of the modifies terms you must stop using our services.


8. Jurisdiction and applicable law

The present Privacy Policy, except for local law application, shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Spain.


9. Contact

Contact us about our Privacy Policy through the e-mail, phone number +34 93 247 00 00 or postal mail at Ovide Maudet S.L., Eduard Maristany 08918 Badalona (Barcelona), Spain.

If you have any unresolved issues you can send a complaint to Data Protections authorities, in Spain, Agencia Española de Protección de Datos.

Las update: June 19th, 2020