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Apple devices and qtake

Our Ovide Smart division is adapting to the current situation and has been developing systems to contribute to social distancing, so important nowadays.

On May 13th and 14th we will introduce in our Facebook Ovide Smart page both systems.


13/May/2020: 17:00h – Español
14/May/2020: 18:00h – English
Facebook Ovide Smart page 

Ovide Smart Stream

Ovide Smart Stream is a monitoring and recording system that allows the film crew to watch live video, playback,  watch the witness camera, read and add metadata, even after the wrap. It doesn’t matter if the crew is on set the set or anywhere in the world.

On set, Ovide Smart Stream sends video to up to 32 Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iMac, MacBook) via WiFi, with just 1.5-frame delay.

Anywhere in the world, the systems sends video to up to 160 Apple devices(iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iMac, MacBook) via WiFi, with less than 1 second delay.

Ovide Smart Stream record up to 4 SDI cameras and automatically starts and stops recording with the camera.

In addition to the filmmaking cameras, the system can add an extra unattended witness camera (i.e. wide angle or VR360º) camera to see the whole set.

Additionally, Ovide Smart Stream collects all camera and lens metadata, but film crew can also add ratings, marks, sketches, images, videos, voice memos and export to PDF. Likewise, all this data is recorded, synchronized and shared thanks to the cloud.

Ovide Smart Stream is a very secure system as all iOS devices contents are encrypted, live video is encrypted and can be watermarked.

Ovide Smart Stream

Ovide Smart Antenna

Ovide Smart Antenna is a zero setup WiFi antenna.

When Antenna is plugged, it’s automatically detected and setup for the advanced WiFi requirements to stream successfully and prevent upcoming issues.

Ovide Smart Antenna