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Tipo micro


4×5.6″ slide diopter for 138mm

500m triax Lemo 4E m/m cable

Adaptador objetivos PL a montura L

Adaptador objetivos PL a Sony E

Ambient ACC-501 TC generator

Camera eyepiece chamois

Camera support (Cine Saddle type)

Coloured microphone windshield

D-Tap x4 splitter


Dedo WF mini slate

Double rod adapter 19(f)-15(m)

Enrollable 4x fibra óptica monomodo ruguerizada LC-LC 200m

Lemo 4E m/m 150m cable

Mic stand

Microphone clamp

Nikkor lens mount adapter for Sony F3

Nikkor to Sony E adapter

Petrol PCC-2 carrying case

Porta Brace polar cover for DSRL

Single rod 19f-15m adapter

SMPTE 311M 300mts fibre cable

Storm Jacket rain cover

Table microphone stand

Tipke 2100 folding cart

Triangular microphone flag

Wireless audio belt

Wireless audio harness

Mitchell tripod to flat base adapter

Ovide Smart Assist support for vertical carts