24/7 Breakdown


¿Do you have an active rental with us?

¿Any breakdown with our equipment?

Always try to call first to our offices, sometimes it’s holiday in a city but we are open in another one.

If you call out of our working hours and / or is a holiday, call the closest number to your location.

If we do not answer, leave a message or send a SMS message. We won’t call back any lost call without a message as we’ll suppose it’s a mistake.

When to use these numbers:

  • You have an active rental with us
  • You are calling out of our office hours (Mon-Fri from 9am to 6pm)
  • It is truly an emergency and cannot wait until we are open
  • They are not commercial phone numbers, you cannot make any bookings trough them
  • Barcelona: 659 787 436
  • Madrid: 659 787 439