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Sony Venice camera

The Sony Venice is a a new generation digital cinema camera with a Full Frame sensor.
The new sensor can record almost in any format, including the anamorphic and spherical Super35 (18mm and 24mm height)

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Sensor: Full-Frame CMOS
Sensor format: 4:3
Sensor resolution: 6048x4032px
ISO sensitivity: 500
Latitude: 15 stops
Mount: PL / E
Lens mount / Active mount: LDS, /i, CMotion
Built-In ND filters: Clear, 0.3 (1/2), 0.6 (1/4), 0.9 (1/8), 1.2 (1/16), 1.5 (1/32), 1.8 (1/64), 2.1 (1/128), 2.4 (1/256)
Recording formats: XAVC, ProRes, MPEG HD and RAW or X-OCN (with AXS-R7 external recorder)
Recording media: SxS or AXS-M (with AXS-R7 external recorder)
RAW: On AXS-R7 external recorder
Max. framerate: 60 fps
Video outputs: HDSDI
Power / Consumption: 12-24vcc / 60W
Weight (body): 3,9kg

For more info, please check Sony’s website