SONY RIALTO extension kit for Venice 2 8K

Sony Rialto (CBK-3620XS) is the specific extension kit for SONY VENICE 2 8K camera. It is a tethered extension system that allows separation of the image sensor from the camera bodywith a up to 12m cable. The module has controlling buttons ans is equipped with a gyro sensor that captures motion data.

This sistem redistributes the weight and divides de size. Very usefull options to operate on cranes, stabilizers, steadycams, etc.

It also comes with HD-SDI output and a 24V output for powering accessories (monitors, lens servos, etc.).

The camera head module wights around 2,2Kg with a PL mount and 1,7Kg with an E mount.

NOTE: This accessory will only be only provided with Sony Venice 2 and its accessories.