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Sony Burano 8.6K Full Frame camera

Full frame CMOS 35mm
Sensor size
35,9×24 mm
Sensor resolution
8.6K (41.9 MPix)


Sensor format
ISO sensitivity
Lens mount


Lens Mount Hot Shoe
Cooke/i Technology
Built-in filters
CLEAR, linear variable ND (0.6(1/4) – 2.1(1/128))
Max. framerate
60 fps at 6K (FF)

120 fps at 4K (FF)

16 stops
Video outputs
2× SDI 12G

1× HDMI (A-type)

Recording format

XAVC H Intra HQ / Intra SQ / Long / Intra



Recording media
2× CFexpress B-Type
11-17 vcc
66 W (aprox.)
2,4 Kg (without PL adapter)
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Sony Burano Full Frame 8K, Venices’ successor


  • Full frame
  • 8.6K sensor
  • Smaller and lighter that Sony Venice
  • 16 stops
  • PL and E mounts
  • AutoFocus
  • Image stabilisation
  • Sony RAW internal recording

8K Full Frame digital cinema camera

BURANO has a large 36x24mm full-frame image sensor that delivers high-quality images and superb rendition with wide latitude and a rich colour gamut.


It achieves the beautiful bokeh and dynamic wide-angle shooting that only a full-frame sensor can provide. 8K image quality with a maximum resolution of 8632 x 4856.


BURANO supports 16:9 and 17:9 readouts in full-frame (8.6K) and Super 35mm (5.8K).


Image scan modes include full-frame and Super35 as well as finely optimised down sampled and high-speed modes such as 6K 60p (FF crop), 5.8K 60p (S35), and 4K 120p (S35 crop) catering for a wide range of production requirements.

E and PL mounts

Burano has a native E-mount but has a PL-mount adapter also.

Burano is compatible with Super 35mm and full-frame PL lenses (spherical and anamorphic).

The lens mount includes contacts that support Cooke/i Technology, and lens information is recorded as metadata, frame by frame.

16 stops of latitude

With a wide latitude of 16 stops, BURANO captures beautiful, low-noise images under almost any lighting conditions. The camera’s wide dynamic range captures everything from highlights to shadows.

Dual Base ISO

BURANO supports the same Dual Base ISO 800 and 3200 as VENICE 2. This means clear images with low noise whether shooting in a brightly lit environments (ISO 800) or in challenging dimly lit scenarios (ISO 3200). With BURANO, it’s possibly to shoot amazing imagery with nothing more than candlelight.

Image stabilisation

BURANO is the world’s first cinema camera that supports in-body optical image stabilisation (IBIS) for almost any attached lens, including for the first time PL.


Image stabilisation system featuring a gyroscopic sensor and control algorithm, it compensates for camera shake even for handheld shooting while walking.

In-camera Looks

BURANO has four new looks – Warm, Cool, Vintage and Teal and Orange – to choose between alongside the established s709 and 709 (800) looks in Cine EI mode.


Moreover, LUT data from a shoot can be embedded in those clips’ metadata for an efficient colour workflow.

Teal and Orange

Wide Colour Gamut

BURANO features Sony’s signature S-Gamut/S-Gamut.Cine wide colour space that, as with the VENICE 2, covers a gamut exceeding BT.2020 and DCI-P3. S-Log3 and X-OCN also dramatically enhances creative flexibility in post-production. As BURANO offers the same colour accuracy as VENICE 2 it’s easy to use both cameras together for a seamless and efficient post-production workflow.

Internal RAW recording

URANO offers internal recording of X-OCN LT as well as our new XAVC H and proven industry standard XAVC-I format.


X-OCN is Sony’s compressed RAW format that records everything that the 8.6K sensor can capture in a broad latitude 16-bit scene linear file full of rich tonal gradation.


X-OCN LT’s high efficiency reduces storage requirements and accelerates file transfer times for 8K content for a post-production workflow that’s comparable to a 4K project.