Hollyland Mars T1000 wireless intercom system

Wireless intercom with 4 beltpacks and a base station: 5 communication spots

This equipment is designed for outdoors events such as TV and cinema productions or other small events.

The base station can be powered by 2x Sony NPF battery type or 12v AC via XLR. It has 4 USB outputs to power the beltpacks.

Visit Hollyland’s website for more information.


Band: 1,9Ghz
Frequency: 300Hz-5KHz
Range: 300m (optimal conditions)
Autonomy: 8h/Beltpack
Tally: Yes
Dimensions (base station): 22x17x5cm (1,43Kg)
Dimensions (beltpack): 10×5,8×2,2cm (0,19Kg)