Cinefade VariND cmotion variable ND filter

The Cinefade VariND is a system made from a motorised rotating polarised filter and and a static one. Their rotation are syncronised to change the field depth mantaing exposure.


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How it works

When iris varies depth of field changes also, focusing or unfocusing the background, the problem is it also affects lighting.


The Cinefade balances out luminosity by syncronising ND filter’s motor to iris’ motor. When iris opens/closes more/less light comes in, and Cinefade system automatically balances out it, making luminosty constant and changing depth of field only.

  • Filter ND.4 to ND1.9+
  • Up to 180º rotation
  • Depth of fielt variationand constant exposure
  • Works with any camera and lens
  • Easy and fast to setup and operate