Canon RC-V100 remote control

Record start/stop
Auto/manual focus
Shutter mode/speed/angle
Enable/disable OSD
Color bars
Playback last shot
Image adjustment: knee slope, black gamma, and sharpness
White balance
ND selection
Master black
Master pedestal
Menu access and navigation
Two assignable buttons
Activate/deactivate remote switch

Connectivity: Lanc (3.5 mm Jack ) / RS 422 (8 pins Hirose)
Cable length: Lanc 5-25 m / Vía RS422 hasta 200 m
Dimensions: 89x224x85 mm
Weight: 630 gr

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The Canon RC-V100 Remote Controller provides many functions such as record start/stop, zoom, focus, iris controls of standard LANC remotes, gain and shutter speed, white balance adjustment, image control, pedestal and master black and more.