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RED V-Raptor [X] 8K VV camera

V-Raptor X 8K VV Global Shutter CMOS
Sensor size
40,96×21,60 mm (Ø 46,31 mm)
Sensor format
Sensor resolution
8192×4320 (35.4 Mpix)
17+ stops
Max. framerate
480 fps at 2K

120 fps at 8K

Lens mount
Lens Mount Hot Shoe
Cooke/i Technology
Recording format
RedCode Raw


Apple ProRes

Recording media
CFexpress (B type)
12-24 V
14,9×11,6×10,8 cm
1,82 Kg
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The Red V-Raptor [X] features the Global Shutter 8K Vista Vision sensor


  • 8K Vista Vision sensor

  • Global Shutter CMOS

  • Smaller and lighters than Red V-Raptor XL [X]

  • +17 stops

  • RF mount

  • AutoFocus and automatic face-detection

  • Up to 120fps at 8K

  • REDCODE RAW and ProRes internal recording

Global Shutter 8K VV sensor digital cinema camera

The Red V-Raptor [X] features an 8K VV sensor (40,96×21,6mm) that delivers high quality images, also thanks to its high dynamic range of +17 stops (expandable to up to +20 fps) and to its rich colour gamut.


It delivers 8K pictures (8192×4320) and high-speed modes such as 120fps at 8K (8192×4320), 480fps at 2K (2048×1080) and 600fps at 2K 2.4:1 (2048×864).

Global Vision

“Global Vision” are some functions made to provide better images:


  • Extended Highlights function: Expands the dynamic range from +17 to +20 stops. It delivers more detail on highlither areas and provide extra information for HDR or make lights smoother.


  • Phantom Track: This system can streamline any virtual production workflow using GhostFrame or frame remapping, capturing R3D clips for each subframe slice in addition to enabling monitoring of either slice live on set over each SDI output.

Hot Shoe RF-Mount

Red V-Raptor X has an RF-mount but PL adapters with Cooke/i Technology support are available. EF-mount adapters are also available.

Burano is compatible with Super 35mm and full-frame PL lenses (spherical and anamorphic).