Arri Signature Zoom 16-32mm lens

Focal: 16-32mm
Aperture: T2.8
Mount: LPL
Front ø: 156mm
M.O.D.: 0,45m
Weight: 3,8Kg

Available on November 2021

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The Arri Signature Zoom perfectly complement the Signature Primes, they make so difficult to distinguish between them when images are seen.

This lenses cover all full frame but they can also work with Super 35mm sensors, they have LPL mount.

They deliver an atemporal look with a crisp but natural on skin tones, and a nice and rich contrast in blacks and highlights, they are perfect to work cawith the full tonal range.

This lenses are superbright with a T2.8 aperture without ramping.

The Signature Zoom system (including x1.7 extender) cover from 16mm to 510mm, with a minimal distorsion including its most angular focal (16-32mm), and the tele (65-300mm) adds a beautiful bokeh.

All Arri Signature system conforms a wide set of lenses with 4 zoom lenses and 16 prime lenses.