Arri Alexa XT Plus 4:3 camera


The digital cinema Arri Alexa XT Plus camera (Xtended Technology) is the most versatile one among all the XT: It has a Super 35 sensor capable of recording at Open Gate and 4:3 modes and Arri Raw up to 120 fps, ProRes 4444 XQ and ProRes 3.2K.

This camera has an integrated wifi receiver to control the camera but also the lens (tilt and roll).

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Censor: Super 35
Sensor format: 4:3 / 16:9 / Open Gate 16:9
Sensor resolution: 7.5 Mpix
ISO sensitivity: 800
Mount: PL
Max. framerate: 120 fps
Latitude: 14 stops
Video outputs: DSDI
Recording formats: ArriRaw (onboard), Apple ProRes
Recording bitrate (min-max) 25 fps: 38-315 Mbps
RAW: Internal

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