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Arri Alexa LF camera

Technical data


Sensor resolution

4448 x 3096 px (13.7 Mpx)

Sensor formato

4:3 / 16:9 / 6:5 / Open Gate

ISO sensitivity


Lent mount

LPL (PL with adapter)

Max. framerate

150 fps


14 stops

Video outputs


Recording format





19.5-34 vcc


137 W

Weight (body)

7,8 kg

Vist Arri Alexa LF’s website for more information
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The Arri Alexa LF camera is well known for its Large Format Sensor, larger than full frame  sensors.

Alexa LF camera records native 4.5K that creates immersive aesthetics.

The Large Format sensor requires specific lenses to embrace the bigger sensor such as Arri Signature Prime or Cooke S7/i.

However, the Alexa LF also has a PL adapter to use PL regular lenses but each focal length must be checked because some of them will cut the image.

The Alexa LF has a bit bigger sensor than Full Frame, it records native 4.5K.

Its sensor provides an immersive look with a natural colorimetry very visible in skin tones and HDR workflow. 

The Alexa LF record in versatile formats including different ProRes and ARRIRAW up to 150fps.


Large Format sensor
  • Natural colorimetry visible in skin tones 
  • High dynamic range for better work at HDR and post-production
  • 800 ISO sensitivity and low noise level
Slow-motion perfect shots
  • 90 fps at LF Open Gate and LF 16:9
  • 150 fps at LF 2.39:1
LPL mount
  • The “Large Positive Lock” (LPL) is made specifically for large sensor lenses
  • Big image circle (ø 62mm) and low depth (44mm)
  • Reliable and robust
  • PL adapter
  • LDS-1, LDS-2 and Cooke /i compatible
EVF-2 viewfinder
  • Better image quality
  • Better focus, dynamic range and color judgement
  • High-quality eyepiece
  • Stable color balance in all temperatures and highlights
compatibilidad objetivos LPL y PL
Compatibility with a wide range of lenses

The PL-LPL adapter allows to work PL-mount lenses with the Alexa LF, mo matter they are Super 35 mm of FF lenses, and it can even read LDS-2, LDS-1 or Cooke /i metadata.

This adapter attaches to the camera without any tool.

LPL-mount lenses can be also used in Arri Super 35 mm cameras such as Alexa Mini and Amira.