ARRI ALEXA 35 4K camera

Super 35 Arri ALEV 4
Sensor size
28×19,20 mm

Ø 33,96 mm

Sensor resolution

4608×3164 px

Sensor format
ISO sensitivity
Lens mount


Lens Mount Hot Shoe
Cooke /i


Built-in filters
ND: Clear, 0.6, 1.2, 1.8
Max. framerate
120 fps at 4K

75 fps at 4.6K Open Gate

17 stops
Video outputs
2× 12G-SDI
Recording format

ProRes 4444 XQ

Recording media
Codex Compact Drive 1TB

Codex Compact Drive 2TB

20.5-33.6 vcc
90 W
14,7×15,2×20,3 cm
2,9 Kg
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CMOS Super 35 4.6K sensor

It’s been 12 years since Arri designed its successful sensor used all over theiur Alexa family, but with Alexa 35 release, Arri has also launched their new Super 35 capable of 4.6K native.


This new sensor (ALEV 4) is better than its predecessor ALEV 3:

  • Delivers 2.5 stops more dynamic range
  • Film-like highlight handling
  • Better low light performance
  • Richer colors
  • Reveal Color Science
Arri Alexa 35 details
Higher sensitivity

An optional Enhanced Sensitivity Mode can be applied to settings between EI 2560 and EI 6400, 6400, producing an even cleaner image in low light.

This exceptional sensitivity, combined with the wider dynamic range and truer contrast, allows ALEXA 35 to capture the most delicate nuances of light and shadow in a wider range of shooting situations.

ARRI Textures

Previous Arri Alexa cameras were pre-programmed with a default texture, but with ALEXA 35 you can choose from an evolving menu of custom ARRI Textures, either to suit a specific shooting environment or to hone your look. ARRI Textures provide a new and unique way for cinematographers to exert greater creative control on set. A texture defines the amount and character of grain in an image, as well as the amount of contrast at different levels of detail, perceived by the viewer as sharpness

Reveal Color Science

Reveal Color Science

REVEAL Color Science is a suite of new image processing steps used by ALEXA 35 internally and also available through leading third-party postproduction tools for ARRIRAW processing. It includes an improved debayering algorithm for cleaner compositing, a new color engine for more accurate color reproduction, a new wide gamut native color space for faster grading, new LogC4 encoding to contain the increased dynamic range, and new LogC4 LUTs (Look Up Tables) for enriched color fidelity.

Wide lens choice

With its Super 35 4:3 native 4K sensor, ALEXA 35 can be used with the vast global inventory of existing lenses—modern and vintage, anamorphic and spherical, Super 35 and large format. Filmmakers wanting to shoot with ARRI cameras while having to fulfill 4K mandates now have an immeasurably broader lens choice.

Arri Alexa 35 reveal color scene process
19 recording formats

A total of 19 recording formats, incorporating efficient in-camera downsampling and anamorphic de-squeezing, allow productions to optimize data rate, resolution, and other parameters, based on their individual needs. Mixed Reality Productions (MRP) will benefit from the camera’s ability to record lens metadata in all common standards and output real-time streaming metadata to ARRI’s Live Link Metadata Plug-in for Unreal Engine.

Arri Alexa 35 recording modes

Small, compact and lightweight

ARRI ALEXA 35 is just a bit bigger than Arri Alexa Mini but hold ALEV 4 new sensor.

It is a robust and easy-to-operate thanlks to its reduced size and weight.

Arri 35 provides a LPL or PL mount, but EF or M lenses mount can be used with an adapter.

ALEXA MINI 35 provides, just like Arri Alexa LF, a great quality image with an immersive look, capable of increasing ISO up to 6400 and producing an even cleaner image in low light.

It’s the perfect combination between Arri Alexa Mini’s size and the and Arri Alexa Mini LF’s processing power with a new & better sensor.

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  • Left side display for an easy-access to menus and settings.
  • Left-side buttons for a fast and easy access to most used functions.
  • Crews will be intuitively familiar with the simple menu structure
  • Rocording on Codex Compact Drives 1TB and 2TB
  • HDR Viewfinder (Arri MVF-2)
  • Built-in motorized ND filters
App Arri Camera Companion

The Camera Companion App offers remote control of one or multiple cameras, as well as customization of the user interface. It focuses on the functions that are most frequently needed during production.

Arri Alexa APP
Shooting with Arri Alexa 35
Shooting with Arri Alexa 35