Objetivo Arri Signature Zoom 16-32mm

Características técnicas
16-32 mm
0,45 m
ø Matte box
156 mm
3,8 Kg
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Los objetivos Arri Signature Zoom complementan a la perfección los Signature Prime, siendo muy difícil diferenciar entre imágenes rodadas con unos u otros.

Estos objetivos cubren el sensor full frame, aunque también se pueden usar para sensores Super 35mm, y equipan montura LPL.

Aportan un look atemporal con una imagen nítida así como unos tonos de piel muy suaves y naturales con un contraste agradable muy rico en oscuros y luces, lo que permite usar un rango tonal completo.

Además son lentes muy luminosas con una apertura de T2.8 sin ramping.

El sistema Signature Zoom (incluyendo el duplicador x1.7) cubre de los 16mm hasta 510mm y con una mínima distorsión, incluso en su focal más angular, la 16-32mm; la focal más tele (65-300mm) añade un agradable bokeh.

El sistema de objetivos Arri Signature forman un juego de focales muy extenso, con 4 zooms y 16 objetivos fijos.


Do Signature Zooms truly match Signature Primes?

Respuesta: Aesthetically, yes. You should expect Signature Zooms and Signature Primes to intercut seamlessly. Their center resolution, warm hue, skin tone rendition, bokeh, and focus roll-off are a perfect visual match. Completely eliminating any one aberration results in enhancing another, so we pursued a balanced approach such that no single aberration stands out. We then built our look upon this base. Signature Primes are remarkably distortion free, to a degree only possible with prime lenses, so Signature Zooms will show more distortion by comparison, but considerably less than one might see in other zooms. While most Signature Primes exhibit no visible focus breathing, Signature Zooms do show some of this at longer focal lengths, where it is less noticeable to the eye. At the wide end, where backgrounds tend to be sharper and focus breathing is more obvious, they show no visible breathing.

Are Signature Zooms consistent in exposure throughout the zoom range?

Respuesta: Similar to Signature Primes, you will see consistent corner illumination when these lenses are used at equivalent focal lengths. This results in the familiar ARRI Signature “cat’s eye” bokeh at wide open apertures, no matter which focal length is employed. ARRI Signature Primes show this effect at T1.8, transitioning to perfectly round bokeh by T2.5. ARRI Signature Zooms see the same change from T2.8 to T5.6. This is by design. The exposure in the center of the image DOES NOT CHANGE with focal length. There is no overall drop in exposure, only a subtle vignette designed to match the characteristics of ARRI Signature Primes. This illumination characteristic is consistent across all ARRI Signature Zooms. Changing from a Signature Zoom to another Signature Zoom or a Signature Prime does not result in a dramatic change in look.

Why aren’t ARRI Signature Zooms heavy?

Respuesta: There are many aspects of the ARRI Signature Zooms’ design that contribute to their light weight. Chief among these is their advanced optical design and the use of machined magnesium in their housings.